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Luts Macros and Tools Updater

Tuesday 7 July 2009, by Gilles Carpentier

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This revision [1] of the Luts Macros and Tools Updater [2], built as a toolset, perfoms a live update of the ImageJ macros and LUTs repertories.

  • It looks for new and updated "Macros" (including "Examples"), "Tools" and "Toolsets", and installs them.
  • It looks for new Lookup Tables (LUTs) and installs them: more than 100 available among "Distribution", "Main Collection", "Other" sets.
  • The old versions of "Macros", "Examples", "Tools" and "Toolsets" are archived.
  • Installation reports are given.
  • It takes in charge the restoration/installation of LUTs folder, macros folder and macro sub-repertories, when removed by mistake, or in distribution without macros and luts folder (like Scion versions for example).

    What’s new in that version:

  • Now updates macros in "real time mode" instead of using static lists (kept as option) [3].
  • Added the "Examples" macros sub-repertory update [4].
  • Added almost 100 LUTs taken from the ImageJ web site [5]. The installed LUTs can be visualized through a "palette" [6].
  • It can be run from the "Toolset bar icon", and by the "Plugins -> Macros" sub-menu (ImageJ, not Jiji for now).


[1Carpentier G. Contribution: LUTs Macros and Tools Updater toolset, 1.1a revision, 07 July 2009.

[2Carpentier G. Contribution: LUTs Macros and Tools Updater, ImageJ News, 28 November 2006.

[3Carpentier G. Contribution. List Online Macros, a macro that generates a list of all the macros, tools and toolsets available on the ImageJ website. ImageJ News, 8 June 2009. Commented code here.

[4ImageJ macros repertories updatable: "Macros" master folder, "Examples", "Tools" and "Toolsets" sub-folders.

[5LUTs repertory of the ImageJ web site:

[6Mutterer J. Contribution: Show All LUTs macro, which displays a montage of all the LUTs in the luts folder. ImageJ News, 20 April 2006.

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