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Monday 8 June 2009, by Gilles Carpentier

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This macro shows how to get a list of files from a web server directory using the "File.openUrlAsString(url)" macro function [1].

When the URL correponds to an HTML page, it returns the html code of the page. When the URL is a repertory, the server gives a minimum HTML code, allowing the browser to print a comprehensible structure of the objects contained in the repertory. This code looks like the sample below, obtained from the url of the toolsets ImageJ macros repertory (

The macro gives a method to extract the names of macros between ">" and "< /a>" tags from the HTML code, and how to present them as a list using the "List Functions" macro functions [2].

Note: in some cases other servers abbreviate long names, cutting them and adding the suffix "..&gt" for example. In that case, the code should be adapted in order to extract the names from the first part of the "href" lines.


[1File.openUrlAsString(url) - File Functions -

[2List.getValue(), List.set() - List Functions -

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