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Protein Array Analyzer for ImageJ - What’s New

Thursday 27 September 2018, by Gilles Carpentier

27-09-2018 Update 1.1.c

- Current upgrade content :

  • More than thirty articles citing this tool.
  • Video tutorials are now available through HTML5.
  • Fixed a bug with the "autosize dot function" appeared with the 1.51 version of ImageJ which cause exit of analysis.
  • Fixed a bug of naming of downloaded demo images when they are already opened.
  • Fixed a bug making a 404 error in opening "What’s New" web page.
  • Replace "N°" by "N-" in array labelling to avoid a bad character on Windows OS.
  • !! Some users report a bad installation (from type "error line .../...") when copy - paste the code from the ImageJ website to an ImageJ’s macro text window. In that case, use another web browser or use "save as text" method to get the macro code.

- 03-09-2014 Update 1.1.b - upgrade content :

  • Fixed a bug due to an ImageJ 1.47 update that caused masterization to fail.
  • Fixed a bug due to an ImageJ 1.49 regression that caused the building of arrays to fail.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes leads to deactivate the graphical interface when auto-radius option clicked.
  • Added a video tutorial section in the online documentation .

- 16-06-2013 Update 1.1.a - upgrade content :

  • Fixed a bug that appears while using "Group Pattern Menu" -> "Set Internal Control and References" function with ImageJ version 1.47j and higher.
  • Added a web page link "What’s New" in the "On Line Documentation & Demo Menu".

- Update the Protein Array Analyzer :

Protein Array Analyzer, installation and documentation, at this link.

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