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Angiogenesis Analyzer - Whole Mouse Retina Analysis

Friday 31 January 2020, by Gilles Carpentier


In a new publication entitled the « Weibel-Palade Bodies Orchestrate Pericytes During Angiogenesis » [1], we described a new algorithm for whole mouse retina vasculature analysis.

Whole mouse retina analysis by laser scanning microscopy:

We described in a previous work [2], an automatic analysis of P5 mouse retina vascular images obtained through laser scanning confocal imaging. The highly contrasting images allowed us to sucessfully perform these analysis (Samarelli et al. 2014).
The images obtained thanks to isolectin B4 FITC-conjugated staining, were analyzed by using a customized version of the Angiogenesis Analyzer demonstrator, (Method section, and Figure).

Above: whole retina after automatic analysis of user selections.
Experiment and image acquisition author: Dr. Anna Valeria Samarelli;
image analysis: Gilles Carpentier.

Whole mouse retina analysis by standard fluorescent microscopy:

In the new publication (Cossutta et al. 2019), we described an optimized segmentation method, allowing analysis of whole P5 mouse retina, using the same labelling, but from images obtained through an Orca R2 Hamamatsu CCD camera, instead of laser scanning microscopy. The algorithm wad customized to be compatible with the lower signal/noise ratio in abscence of laser illumination, and of confocal imaging. As for LSM acquisitions, images were assembled to build full retina pictures by using the MosaicJ plugin. Article and related pdf method.

Whole mouse retina Whole mouse retina - analysis Whole mouse retina - modeled vasculature Mouse retina sample Mouse retina analyzed sample.
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Above: Mouse retina analysis aspects. Experiment and image acquisition author: Dr. Melissande Cossuta;
image analysis : Gilles Carpentier


[1- Cossutta M, Darche M, Carpentier G, Houppe C, Ponzo M, Raineri F, Vallée B, Gilles ME, Villain D, Picard E, Casari C, Denis C, Paques M, Courty J, Cascone I. Weibel-Palade Bodies Orchestrate Pericytes During Angiogenesis. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2019 Sep;39(9):1843-1858. Abstract.

[2- Samarelli AV, Riccitelli E, Bizzozero L, Nunes Silveira T, Seano G, Pergolizzi M, Vitagliano G, Cascone I, Carpentier G, Bottos A, Primo L, Bussolino F, Arese M. Neuroligin 1 induces blood vessels maturation by cooperating with the α6 integrin. J Biol Chem. 2014 May 23. Abstract.

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