Automatizated tasks around the ImageJ 1 software using the AppleScript technology 2 with Mac OS X
This page shows some applications programmed in AppleScript to pilot some ImageJ processes.


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Apple Script is a technology developped by Apple since several years to automatize finder repetitive tasks and to pilote applications. These properties are used in this present work to pilot ImageJ. 

- Pilot ImageJ with AppleScript upon Mac OS X3 and Mac OS X4 using "Do Shell Commands":
- Pilot ImageJ with AppleScript upon Mac OS X4 using UI Scripting:  
- Use of ImageJ shell commands with AppleScript upon Mac OS X3 and Mac OS X4:
- Applications for Mac OS X3 and Mac OS X4:
- Here is some examples of applications, using the propreties of the MacroSet.txt and StartupMacros.txt files to pilot ImageJ:

Notes about AppleScrip and Mac OS X

- Avoid starting a process when an AppleScript application is running.
- UI Scripting has some limitations with ImageJ. It can't detect the end of a process, so the use of "Delay" commands is necessary. The values have to be adjusted according to the computer speed. To automaticaly manage these delays, see
 ImageJ MacroSet Demo. 


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