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Methods and Examples
How to use Datalyse on a USB Apple Macintosh notebook:

First, how to use Datalyse on a USB computer:

These days most computers are built with a USB serial port, and the old RS-232 serial port has become outdated. In spite of that, many devices for data acquisition connect only via the RS 232 DB9 link. Several adaptors are available on the market, in theory permitting you to use a USB computer to control RS-232 devices. In practice it appears that many adaptors however are not suitable for the low date rate RS-232 devices. For using Datalyse on Macintosh notebook, only the Prolific Electronic based adaptor seemed to work correctly, giving no communication errors.

The link between a USB notebook Macintosh and a RS 232 device. The connection is made with a Prolific USB1-RS232 adaptor, a female DB9 adaptor and a classic RS 232 cable.

Example: How to use Datalyse on a USB Apple Macintosh notebook with a Spectronic 301 spectrometer

Even though Datalyse is built to run on PCs running Windows as operating system, it is possible and easy to use it on a Macintosh computer with the Virtual PC software as emulator. The picture below shows Virtual PC running Datalyse under MacOS X-2 by emulating Windows 98.

The picture shows a Datalyse window with the connection test of a Spectronic 301 spectrometer. Datalyse was successfully run by emulating Windows 98 and Windows XP with Virtual PC 5 under MacOS 9 and Virtual PC 6 under MacOS X-2 (as shown on the next picture).

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