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Computer Data Acquisition for Biochemistry Practice Works
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The aim of this web site is to present some methods of data acquisition in the field of biochemistry practice works, at the "Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Université Paris 12 Val de Marne, France". The pragmatic approach of this work, is based on the following three guide lines:

- Use mostly the devices already existing: some of the presented experiments are performed with the latest available devices and some others using 15 years old instrumentations.

- Adapt the methods of acquisition to the existing biochemistry practice works.

- Make as simple as possible the teaching and the student work, by using a single software for all the experiments.

The Datalyse software has been chosen, for its low price and ability to pilot more than 100 RS232 serial devices. Besides these performances, the author, Carl Hemmingsen*, was present during all the time of this almost three years work, to adapt, improve and develop drivers, according the innumerable tests I made. This permanent mutual exchanges, made possible the achievement of each project. I would like to sincerely thank him for his seriousness and disposability during these last three years.

The different parts of this site present some various methodologies used in biochemistry. The examples of experiments are presented to validate and check the limits of the acquisition procedures. I tried to make it as attractive and documented as possible, by including many pictures and links to other web sites.

Gilles Carpentier, the 15 July 2005, Faculté des Sciences et Technologies Université Paris 12 Val de Marne, France.


Many thanks to Alessandra Albano for the English correction of this web site.

* Carl Hemmingsen, Borgmestervænget 22: DK-3600 Frederikssund, Danmark

Datalyse Software and RS232/USB compatibility:

How to use Datalyse on a USB computer:

How to use Datalyse on a USB Apple Macintosh notebook:


How to make spectrum with a Genesis-10 spectrometer family, piloted with the Datalyse software:

The use of the spectrometer Spectronic 301 in spectral mode:

Red shift, example of spectrum application:

Check the calibration of a spectrometer in UV and visible mode:

Polarographic oxymetry with Clark electrode:

How to make data acquisition from a Clark electrode using a Metex multimeter, piloted by a PC with the Datalyse software:

A practical, quick, step by step illustrated procedure to "build" a Clark electrode:


How to make data acquisition from a BIO-RAD Econo UV chromatogaphic monitor, using Metex M-3850D and Votltcraft VC820 multimeters, piloted by a PC with the Datalyse software:

Address: Gilles Carpentier, Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Université Paris 12 Val-de-Marne, France.

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