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Friday 16 October 2015, by Gilles Carpentier

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 ImageJ Contributions:

Online ImageJ Contributions (ImageJ News (

- 1.47k, 6 Mars 2013 Carpentier G. Sort Selections in Overlays. A macro that sorts selected overlay elements by color. Code.

- 1.47e, 9 Nov 2012 Carpentier G. Angiogenesis Analyzer, a macro toolset for analysis of cellular networks, for example the pseudo vascular organization of endothelial cells cultured in a gel medium. Code.

- 1.46k, 11 Apr 2012 Carpentier G. Multi-Channel Image and Stack Helper, a macro toolset for working with composite color images and stacks. Code.

- 1.44k, 26 Nov 2010 Carpentier G. Zoom in Images and Stacks. Code.

- 1.44j , 10 Nov 2010 Carpentier G. Protein Array Analyzer for ImageJ. Code.

- 1.43m, 7 Dec 2009 Carpentier G. Object_Color_Sorting, a macro that demonstrates how to segment objects based on their color. Code.

- 1.43c, 8 July 2009 Carpentier G. An enhanced LUTs, Macros and Tools Updater toolset. Code.

- 1.42, 8 June 2009. Carpentier G. List Online Macros, a macro that generates a list of all the macros, tools and toolsets available on the ImageJ website. Code.

- 1.42p, 4 June 2009. Carpentier G. Scale Bar Tools for Microscopes toolset (online documentation). Code.

- 1.42k, 6 March 2009. Carpentier G. PlotSigmoidDerivatives, macros that demonstrate how to do curve fitting and how to calculate and plot first and second derivatives. Code.

- 1.41l, 16 September 2008. Carpentier G. The Dot Blot Analyzer toolset. Code.

- 1.39q, 26 January 2008. Carpentier G. Time-Lapse Video Macros, a macro which can be used to capture a video sequence using the QuickTime Capture plugin. Code.

- 1.39k, 21 November 2007. Carpentier G. CustomTabStatFromResults, a macro set that demonstrates how to create, modify, open and save custom results tables. Code.

- 1.39g, 2 November 2007. Carpentier G. AutoThresholdAndSegment, a macro set that detects bright and dark areas using autothresholding. Code.

- 1.38r, 11 May 2007. Carpentier G. The Image, Stack and Timelapse Arrow Labelling toolset (online documentation), which allows the user to draw arrows on images and stacks. Requires ImageJ 1.38p or later. Code.

- 1.38o, 12 April 2007. Carpentier G. The SelectionColorMenuTool macro, which adds a toolbar menu for changing the selection color. Code.

- 1.38f, 22 December 2006. Carpentier G. The LSM Transmission Deblurring toolset (online documentation), which requires ImageJ 1.38e or later. Code.

- 1.38c, 28 November 2006. Carpentier G. The LUTs, Macros and Tools Updater macro toolset (1st version). Code.

- 1.37r, 7 September 2006. Carpentier G. The Macros And Tools Updater tool, which looks for new and updated macros and tools, and installs them. Code.

- 1.37l, 20 July 2006. Carpentier G. The Macro Plugin Shortcuts, which makes plugin shortcuts for macros and tools. Code.

- 1.37k, 14 July 2006. Carpentier G. The URLtools macro set, which adds online resources to the ImageJ tool bar. Code.

- 1.37j, 29 June 2006. Carpentier G. An improved AppleScript application for updating ImageJ on Mac OS X. Code.

- 1.37c, 4 April 2006. Carpentier G. A web page that explains how to send commands to ImageJ from AppleScript. Code.

- 1.35i, 18 November 2005. Carpentier G. The Magnifying Glass Tool macro. Code.

- 1.35e, 18 October 2005. Carpentier G. The Change Color Tool macro. Code.

- 1.34q, 1 July 2005. Carpentier G. The Three Channel Fluorescence Image Exploration Tools macro set. Documentation and a sample image are available. Code.

- 1.34p, 10 June 2005. Carpentier G. The Arrow Maker Tool macro. Examples are at Code.

- 1.34p, 10 June 2005. Carpentier G. The MultiCursorTool macro, which displays multiple synchronized cursors. Code.

- 1.34j, 16 March 2005. Carpentier G. The DisplayTiffInfo macro, which displays the Image Description tag of TIFFs created by programs such MetaMorph. Code.

- 1.33s, 7 December 2004. Carpentier G. The GaussianConvolution macro, which does image smoothing using a custom Gaussian matrix. Code.

- 1.33o, 4 November 2004. Carpentier G. The FFTRemoveStreaks macro for removing interference streaks from confocal images. Before and after images are provided. Code.

- 1.33h, 30 July 2004. Carpentier G. An AppleScript application for updating ImageJ on Mac OS X using drag and drop. Code.

- 1.33g, 15 July 2004. Carpentier G. An example AppleScript application that opens an image in ImageJ and processes it. Requires Mac OS X 10.3 . Code.

- 1.33e, 28 June 2004 Carpentier G. An example AppleScript application that opens an image in ImageJ and processes it. Requires Mac OS X 10.3. Code.

logoij ImageJ ( is a public domain Java image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh. It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.1 or later virtual machine. Downloadable distributions are available for Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X and Linux. The author, Wayne Rasband (, is at the Research Services Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.
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Universite Paris Est Creteil Val-de-Marne, France.

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